Welcome to the
future of digital assets

Welcome to the
future of digital assets

We democratize access to digital assets for the investment community, with the mission to generate mainstream adoption of digital assets for public and private institutional clients.

Trusted advisors on
your digital asset journey

With unparalleled competencies in Finance and Technology, we provide regulated end-to-end capital market products to help our clients capture new growth opportunities fuelled by the emergence of digital assets and supporting technologies.

Representative Director, President & CEO
SBI Holdings


the advent of
frictionless digital
asset capital markets

We are uniquely placed to help you embrace and thrive in the next generation of capital markets. Backed by SBI Holdings, one of Japan’s largest financial services groups, with over 20 years of experience, we have both the technological expertise to keep pace with these rapid developments, and the understanding of financial markets to identify their potential.

Bridging the gap

We’re dedicated to helping our clients succeed in the face of extraordinary changes in financial markets. By raising awareness and understanding of digital assets, we are committed to support our clients in deploying innovation. We strive with confidence to set a new paradigm for financial services.


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